Info about our (USA) Human Right Self Defense

We are all human beings
The United States is one nation under God.

Picture your daughter raped and murdered. With a firearm she could have defended her self. Rape and murder are violation of natural law. They are a self violation.

Please don’t let the supress this. It is a human right and we are all human.

Administratively, the human right self defense protected by our 2nd Amendment must be administered at the Federal level.  Please note first that we are mortal humans. We don’t do kings in the USA. As mortal humans, God has given us the right to defend our selves from being murdered or raped. The  2nd Amendment protects that right self defense. We are Americans, not Sheep.

Please read on and please withhold criticism until finished. To Err is human, to forgive divine – Alexander Pope.

The police are not there to defend your granddaughter.  They are there to enforce the law. You are responsible for your own defense. They will put bodies in bags and collect an evidence kit.

Please share with the Oath Breakers, especially in DC.

Most States and even our federal government have bureaucrats who are ignorant of our rights. Ignorance is a curable illness. Please don’t take offense. God does love you. Please take pride in your American heritage.

Every natural person in the United States does have a right to defend themselves from rape or murder.

Please read at least the 1st 4 for your edification, and thank you:

And, thank you for your time!

Recently, a woman traveling between States with her handgun was arrested and convicted for transporting her handgun into the state. I would not like this to happen again to someone’s grandchild.  Can we get this corrected quickly?

Please think of your grandchildren. We don’t want them to be unable to defend themselves from evil. I would like my granddaughter to be able to defend herself. Hopefully we can fix this so that more grandchildren will be able to defend themselves against evil.

I am hopeful that folks find this blog educational and will feel free to take the essays and share them.

We are all human beings, and our founding fathers protected our human right of self defense in the 2A.

Would you please educate your representatives  and Senators to fix this quickly and help save lives.

Thank you,

Adam Selene

Administrative details for the human right self defense by Adam Selene is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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